A photographer and creator of books, with a penchant for visual worlds, rich in colour, Pierre Gély-Fort extends his love of travel through the books he designs and lays out himself.
Without texts or legends, the geographical locations become the pretext for an artistic expression steeped in Expressionism, outside of a traditional narrative documentary or photo-journalistic document. The objective is to distort reality to inspire the spectator with an emotional reaction. Interaction with the reader is sought first & foremost.
The author reveals his travels and encounters across a range of countries by means of an emotional gaze and an inherent, underlying dialogue.
Throughout these different peregrinations, the viewer / reader can infer the author’s singular imagination, empathy and tenderness towards the photographed subjects, and the authenticity of the staging.
The assemblage, resonances and scenography constructed from these photographic moments foster a dialogue between the images, and create a proximity with the subject.
Although the emotional worlds may differ from one journey to another, the gaze and the affinities between the images gradually become familiar.
The viewer / reader recognizes the same warm and sensitive atmosphere through the choice of light and colours that recur throughout the images.
Pierre Gély-Fort is a Frenchman, born in Algiers, who has lived in different parts of the world for over 25 years: Asia, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. He studied at Gobelins (Paris) and took a number of masterclasses with Klavdij Sluban.
An encounter with Agathe Gaillard encouraged him to pursue his passion for creating artist's books. Pierre Gély-Fort takes his inspiration from colour photography and the artistic evolutions of colour analog film photography.
Fiona SANJABI​​​​​​​  -  june 2021
Managing Director of La Galerie Rouge Paris in Paris
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